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Industry Leading Portable PC Company

Broadax Systems, Inc. (BSI) is a manufacturer of high-end PC systems in portable and industrial rack-mount designs for use in business, research, engineering and industrial settings. Founded in 1986, BSI is one of the pioneers in the portable computer industry,specifically transportable PC with an integrated monochrome CRT display.

In 1987, our monochrome CRT was upgraded with a color CRT supporting CGA, EGA and eventually VGA graphics modes. At COMDEX 1987, BSI introduced its first flat panel portable PC. It had a baby-AT motherboard, back-lit super-twisted monochrome LCD display. It represented BSI's
successful effort in reducing the overall size and weight of a portable PC while retaining all the expansion capacities of a desktop computer. Since then, BSI has continued to expand to the current lines we now have.
Our primary mission is to provide state-of-the-art computer systems for mobile and industrial computing needs. We are staffed with highly trained engineers with backgrounds in electrical engineering and computer science. Our sales staff are all technically oriented and trained to help customers select the best solution for their particular needs.

BSI is committed to serve the interests of our customers. We offer:

Technical expertise -
As one of the pioneers in the portable computer industry, we have been involved with a wide variety of business and technology-based products and services for industrial and commercial markets. BSI has provided high-end PC systems in desktop, portable, and industrial rack-mount designs for business, consumers, and government agencies for more than twenty years. BSI technical department is staffed with experienced engineers CNE and MCSE technicians familiar with both PC hardware and software.

Commitment to customer satisfaction -
To assure the highest level of quality control in system assembly and testing, we have designed the COMPREHENSIVE QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM that addresses our entire process of component inspection and quality control.

Highest level of customer service - We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with short turn-around time in the event their system needs upgrades or repair. Our courteous customer service staff is always available to assist customers with their specific needs.

Rackmount Computer

Broadax's rackmount computers are built using high quality ATX motherboards, long-term industrial motherboards or passive backplanes and single board computers. There are numerous available configurations with regards to expansion slot availability, from 3 to 14 PCI, PCIe and ISA slots.

Portable Computer

Broadax's Portable Computers offer high performance fully customizable and functional for many fields where laptop computers would simply not be enough.

Embedded Computer

Broadax is a leading provider of embedded computers. We offer many diverse type of embedded computers ranging from low power consumption Intel Atom embedded computer systems to fanless embedded computers, as well as high performance embedded computers.

Panel PC

Broadax is leading touch screen panel PC supplier and offers many Panel PCs for different industrial fields such as automation, transportation, as well as the food & beverage market.

Industrial Motherboard

Our line of industrial motherboards range from ATX to mini-ITX boards and uses the same mounting options that allow customers to seamless upgrade. Industrial Motherboards are the key when you need compatibility longevity, reliability and manageability.

Single Board Computer

Broadax offers full-size and half-size PICMG1.0 and PICMG1.3 slot single board computers. An SBC is a great tool for when numerous slots are required or when a unit that has small footprint is necessary.

LCD Keyboard Drawer

Broadax Systems, Inc. offers a variety of rackmount LCD monitor keyboard drawers to manage rack server systems. It is a convenient way to control multiple computers and to run proper maintenance of rackmount servers from a single console drawer.

Industrial Monitor

Available is an extensive variety of NEMA and IP rated rugged LCD flat panel displays as well as industrial monitors and rackmount LCD monitors. Our industrial LCD monitors supports wide temperatures and high brightness for the harshest environment and demanding critical application.