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Two new Rugged Embedded Systems, the TANK-801-BT and TANK-860-HM86.

Broadax Systems, Inc. launches two new Rugged Embedded Systems, the TANK-801-BT and TANK-860-HM86.
Jan 15th, 2015

The TANK-801-BT is equipped with the latest Intel Bay-Trail SoC (System on Chip), which integrates the CPU and graphics onto one chip. With the 7th Gen graphics, the DX11 and full HD support, the TANK-801-BT is a good solution for visual applications. The TANK-801-BT also has rich I/Os such as 16-bit digital I/O, four COM ports, two USB3.0 ports and three different PCI and PCIe expansion options which make it suitable for applications such as industrial automation, kiosk, digital signage and much more.

The TANK-860-HM86 is a fan-less expandable embedded system with 2, 4 or 6 PCI and/or PCIe expansion slots and rich I/O, which make it a good choice as a control center. In addition, the rugged design makes the TANK-860-HM86 more reliable even in harsh environments.temperature is a concern.

TANK-801-BT Embedded PC

TANK-860-HM86 Embedded PC