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927R-E2CJB Supermicro Rackmount Server

Note: To maintain system compatibility between the processor, motherboard and peripherals, you must choose your main components first. Then, compatible peripherals will become available at next page.

Hard Drive


Min Quantity: 0 Max Quantity: 24

ERROR: Hard Drive min qty 0 max qty 24 ( 11 selected)

WARNING: SAS Harddrive not compatible with Controller card

          Seagate Enterprise-Class 12Gb/s SAS 7.2k Hard Drives
  •       Seagate Enterprise-Class 12Gb/s SAS 10k Hard Drives
  •       Seagate Enterprise-Class 12Gb/s SAS 15k Hard Drives




927R-E2CJB Supermicro Rackmount Server

Subtotal: $2,625.00

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Subtotal: $2,625.00