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80 PLUS Certification

Save money on power and cooling costs

The new ENERGY STAR 4.0® guideline that went into effect on July 20, 2007 has as one of its primary requirements an 80% efficient power supply. In anticipation of this new requirement, BSI has the industry in bringing the 80% efficient power supply to customers months in advance as a great solution towards energy efficiency. BSI industrial portables and rackmount computers can be upgraded with an 80% efficient power supply option.

What are the benefits of an 80% efficient power supply?

The 80% efficient power supply offers a range of potential rewards which benefit you financially while helping the environment by reducing power consumption:

Increased power supply reliability due to greater efficiency.
Decreased system maintenance due to increased reliability.
Lower TCO due to reduced maintenance and longer equipment life.
Improved worker environment with less noise from the PC.
Potential reduction in cooling bill due to less heat being generated by PCs.

How is an 80% efficient power supply different from a traditional power supply?

An 80% efficient power supply is at least 80% efficient at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads whereas current power supplies range from 65-75% efficiency. 80% efficient power supplies are designed with active power factor correction (PFC). Active power factor correction uses an active circuit to help current and voltage correlate with each other. When this happens, apparent power and real power approach each other. Apparent power is the current drawn by a system, whereas real power is the current actually available for use by the system. If they are equal, then the power factor is 1. A .9 PFC means that 90% of apparent power is actually transferred to available real power. Power supplies that aren't power factor corrected tend to have variations in AC voltage that can affect other equipment on the same circuit.

What makes an 80 PLUS power supply?

BSI's 80% efficient power supplies carry the 80 PLUS logo. This logo means that they were 3rd party tested through the 80 PLUS program to meet the 80% efficient standard. For more information on the 80 PLUS program, visit website. The 80 PLUS program is a joint endeavor by electric utilities, computer manufacturers and consumers designed to promote the use of 80% energy efficient power supplies to ensure a standard of energy efficiency in power supplies. In fact, the 80 PLUS program has been instrumental in working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make 80% efficient power supplies part of the new ENERGY STAR 4.0 specification, which went into effect on July 20, 2007.