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eBOX565-52R-FL Fanless Embedded PC

Broadax Systems is excited to announce the eBOX565-52R-FL. The eBOX565-52R-FL is the most recent addition to the Fanless Embedded System product line. The system supports the Intel Core i5-8365UE and Celeron 4305UE processors and runs on an SoC integrated chipset. The construction of the system boasts an aluminum extrusion and heavy-duty steel with a hardness rating of IP40. Additionally the system can also operate under a broad temperature range from -10°C to +50°C. The system also has a versatile power input range that can be from 9 to 36 VDC.

eBOX565-52R-FL Embedded PC
Storage options allow for an SSD or an HDD that fits within a 2.5" swappable drive bay. Supported operating systems include Windows 10 IoT and Linux support packages. There is also a wide selection of mounting options available to the user in the form of DIN-Rail, VESA and Wall mounting kits. Upgradable RAM is also available upon request as the system can support anywhere from 4 to 32GB of DDR4-SODIMM memory.