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WSX-769 High Performance Intel Xeon Tower Workstation

The WSX-769: a high data security tower server chassis is now available. The WSX-769 designed to install extended ATX form factor motherboards which normally are 12 by 13 inches in dimensions. The power supply for these chassis can support either a standard PS/2 form factor or an n+1 redundant power supply ideal for server applications.

The main boards that will be accompanying the release of this workstation chassis are the X13SAE-F, X11SRA-F, X12Dai-N6 and the X12SPA-TF. Storage options in the chassis have 8 hot swap 3.5” hard drive bays which would be ideal for RAID configurations if the option is desired and allows for a simple installation process. The chassis also comes with 7 full height expansion slots for any networking cards and also supports the latest GPU hardware.

WSX-769 High Performance Intel Xeon Tower Workstation